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  How about a little bit of Italian sunshine?

When Tory's portrait of daughter Nettie wins first prize in the local art show, small-town journalist Mickey assumes she'd be delighted.  What he doesn't expect is that overnight, Tory would pack her bags and vanish.

Hot on her trail, Mickey finds himself caught up in a complex web of  deception, ambition, heartbreak and love.   


Why is ruthless gallery-owner Guido so determined to track her down?  Who is the reclusive Il Signore,  owner of the beautiful Villa Orfeo? 


And what, exactly, is the relationship between Tory and seductive artist Gregoire St John Prechac?

Amazon readers give this quirky rom-com
5 stars! 

I loved how the story unfolded from page to page, I was thoroughly invested in the characters and seeing how this would turn out for everyone involved. I actually reread this as soon as I finished it! It was just so wonderful to read, it was that little bit different but still beautiful ...  "

"Although there are a lot of characters in this story they all gel together to make this funny, intense story believable. ..."

This traditional romcom was absolutely inspired by the early 'girl's names' novels of the great Jilly Cooper.   It is my first completed and published novel, set in Cornwall and  Italy.  Looking back on it now, I can see how my writing still repeats the same motifs of art, scenery and houses, gardens and the sea.  

Forgetting Allis 

A romantic comedy

Forgetting Allis  was previously published as Prospero's Island.

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