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At the Sign of the Jolly Blackbird 

'.....Isabella was faint with horror.  “This is ridiculous ....  there must be a mistake at the bank or something.”  But when Isabella put her cards into the machine, each showed a balance of no more than a few pounds.  She went hot and cold, and her legs shook.  What was going on?  What had happened to all the money?

       She ran back to her car, fumbling for her mobile.  Two missed calls, number withheld – she’d had the ringtone on silent, by mistake – and Roger’s phone went straight to voice mail.  She left an incoherent message.  Where had he said he was going? Brussels – that was it.  Or Paris, maybe.  She didn’t know the time difference.  She tried his office.  Roger’s PA, Michelle, would know how to get hold of him.  But Michelle didn’t pick up, and there was no reply on the switchboard number, either..... '


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