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Hi, Vivienne here.  Several years ago I signed up for a writing course and it changed my life.  I'm passionate about teaching writing and hope you will join me and your fellow writers for one of my workshops. 

Whether we're chatting in the shade with a glass of wine in Greece, or over coffee and cake in London, I look forward to meeting you!


New for 2022 - our one-week course in the idyllic Greek islands

Early-start mornings are spent in class with your fellow writers, with discussions and exercises covering topics such as setting your scene, layering your writing and finding the starting point of your novel.  


We finish at midday. You might go for a swim, visit the shops, have a siesta or spend your afternoon writing in the shade.

We meet again for a second tutorial session in the late afternoon, after which the evening is your own to spend as you please.   


The return of our popular 'pick'n'mix' one-day writers' workshops in central London

It doesn't suit everyone to commit to evening classes, a six-month course, something with an exam at the end or costing several thousand pounds.   


These occasional one-day workshops are  intensive, challenging and focused; but also great fun! 

Our day starts in a convenient central London location at 10.00 am and, with a break for lunch, runs through until 5.00 pm. 

In 2021 we are offering two one-day courses. 

ONE-DAY LONDON WORKSHOP 1 Writing for Mills & Boon  £115

Writing a Regency Romance £115

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