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The Woman in the Window

Wow! What an amazing read! It's very rare that I read a book and seriously don't see the twists coming but this is that rarity, a thriller that totally threw me. I didn't begin to suspect the truth until way into the novel and even then I did that punch-the-air-and-shout-out reaction when I was proved right. I love that feeling that the book is written for an intelligent reader; I love old black and white movies and Rear Window is one of my favourites, so it was fantastic to read such a brilliant reworking of that plot. This is going to be made into a film and it has a cinematographic feel to it; scene upon scene of shadowy menace, a gradual build-up of tension, a thrilling climax and a satisfying denoument. I started reading it yesterday evening until I had to give up and go to sleep, only to get up this morning at the crack of dawn to read the rest; couldn't possibly wait. The blurb quotes include this "Astounding. Thrilling. Amazing." Absolutely. Can't wait for another novel from the author, A J Finn.

I wanted to have some totally self-indulgent deliciousness with this. I used to live in Wood Green, North London, which has a plethora of Polish, Greek and Turkish shops that all stay open night and day. If I'd been living there still (instead of in Welwyn Garden City, where everything closes at five thirty, rather as if we are living in a timewarp - don't get me wrong, it's a lovely place, but the shop thing is a bit weird) - I'd have put down this un-putdownable book just long enough to run to the Polish shop and buy one of these strawberry chocolate bars. Soooo creamy! Soooo yummy!

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