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Something's Gotta Give

Another Diane Keaton film makes it into my top ten of romantic comedies. This has to be one of my favourite films ever, recommended to me by my great friend Vicky Hurst. If this comes on the TV – I watch it. I LOVE IT!

In Something’s Gotta Give, Diane Keaton plays a successful playwright, divorced, living in THE MOST AMAZING HOUSE on the beach in the Hamptons. Diane is appalled when her daughter brings home her new love interest, aging lothario Jack Nicholson. Diane and Jack take an instant dislike to one another (yeah, sure they do…! Ha!) and then there are all the usual twists and turns although one of the most gorgeous twists is the age-gap romance between Diane and Dr Dreamboat – sorry, I mean Keanu Reeves. What’s not to simply adore about this film? Stunning locations? Tick. Snappy, intelligent dialogue? Tick. Sexual and romantic tension? Bucket loads of the stuff! It’s bright, clever, with just the right amount of sharp and sour to counteract the sweetness of the oh-so-pretty Paris-in-the-snow finale

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