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Updated: Mar 6, 2018

Cold and misty outside, the occasional flurry of snow. I’ve been very busy this week and waking very early to do stuff to promote the novel (social media still continuing to baffle me entirely) plus am suffering from that awful sore-throat-and-cold combo that seems to have affected everyone I know, so I’m tired, and in the mood for watching something lovely. So I tuck myself up with a hot water bottle, take a hefty dose of Day Nurse, and do, indeed, watch something lovely - what must be one of the best rom-coms EVER, You’ve Got Mail.

One of the key words in the script is ‘enchanting’ and this is entirely apt – New York in all its seasons is enchanting, Meg Ryan’s apartment is enchanting, her rose-patterned sofa is enchanting, and her wardrobe – all pastel cashmere twinsets and floaty linen skirts – is so very enchanting that it makes me want to poke myself in the eye with a pin. Throw in one gorgeous dog and a substantial helping of cuddly Tom Hanks and what more could a girl ask for? Oh – and the sound track – Harry Neilson, Carole King and a pinch or so of Motown for good measure. Just blissful.

What’s interesting in a film is the way in which reality is suspended in a way that can’t be done in writing a novel. In a film, a couple can start having a conversation in the street, continue it in a coffee bar and then conclude the same conversation at home, in three short scenes. In real life it’s impossible. And in a novel it’s impossible. But in a film, the sharpness of the editing makes it entirely believable.

Chocolate – of course – to accompany. What else, but rose and violet creams? I used to buy these in a lovely shop in Ely called Cherry Hill Chocolates. If you've never been to Ely it is a lovely place and makes a fantastic day out - cathedral, river, tea rooms a-plenty!

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