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 A week of guided tutorials in beautiful surroundings,
designed to get your novel on track. 

Early-start mornings are spent in class with your fellow writers, with discussions and exercises covering topics such as setting your scene, layering your writing and finding the starting point of your novel.


We finish at midday, leaving you free to wander down to the town for lunch, swim, sunbathe, visit the shops, have a siesta or spend your afternoon writing in the shade.

We meet again for a second tutorial session in the late afternoon, after which the evening is your own to spend as you please.   

Why are Mills and Boon novels so successful?  How can we find our own distinctive Mills and Boon 'voice'? Are they really as difficult to write as they say?

The goal of this one-week course is to set your feet firmly on the pathway towards completing your Mills and Boon novel.  We will be exploring issues of style, structure, characterisation, dialogue and expectations of the genre.   Over the course of the week you will draft your working synopsis,  get to know your characters and write your first chapter.   

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Why are Regency romances so enduringly popular?  What's the difference between a Rake and a Buck, a Dandy and a Fop?


We will be focusing on the idea of writing with style, panache, wit and sparkle - the keynotes of every Regency romance.   So we will be looking at tone of voice, dialogue, plot, setting, and fashion.  The goal of this one-week course is to produce a detailed working synopsis, understand your characters and write a strong opening scene.

Workshop 3

Is your novel character - driven or plot-led? Understanding the type of novel you are writing is not as obvious as it might seem! 


This workshop is for writers who have already embarked upon a novel or are about to do so.  We will be looking at structure and technique, including your opening chapter, dialogue, pace, dramatic tension and character arc.  The goal of this one-week course is to help you refine your plot, produce a working synopsis, gain insight into your characters and help develop your distinct authorial 'voice'.

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