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One-day writers'workshops - LONDON

Why join a one-day workshop? 

Writing a novel can be a very isolating experience and it can be difficult to remain motivated.   There are some good online courses out there, but even they have their limitations. And It doesn't suit everyone to commit to evening classes, a six-month course, something with an exam at the end or costing several thousand pounds. 

So I designed these occasional one-day workshops.  They cover various topics and you can dip in and out, sign up for one here and another there.    They are lively but professional, intensive and challenging and the aim is to answer your questions, challenge your thinking and get your feet firmly set on your novel-writing path through a day of practical exercises and challenges. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your dreams and goals with your fellow writers, and become a real part of the writing community.  Numbers are strictly controlled with only twelve participants per workshop, in order to ensure that everyone can participate fully, asking questions, sharing ideas and contributing to problem-solving exercises.

Due to the various problems we've experienced this year due to Covid, in 2021 we currently offer just two workshops and only in London but our new schedule of workshops for 2022 will be announced shortly!

One-day Workshop 1

Why are Mills and Boon novels so successful?  How can we find our own distinctive Mills and Boon 'voice'? Are they really as difficult to write as they say?

This one-day workshop will identify the essential elements of a Mills and Boon novel and discuss the way in which structure and language is used to give the Mills and Boon novel its distinctive character.  

The goal of this workshop is to help you identify your characters' motivations and create the dramatic and emotional tension which underpins plot and characterisation.  

One-day Workshop 2

Why are Regency romances so enduringly popular?   How do we write with style, panache, wit and sparkle - the keynotes of every Regency romance?

This one-day workshop will focus on the essential structure of a Regency romance and explore the way in which language, fashion and setting form a key part of your novel's identity. 


The goal of this workshop is to create a memorable character and explore the dynamics of an attention-grabbing opening scene.  


Are you thinking of undertaking an MA in Creative Writing or applying for a place on one of the prestigious London-based writing courses?  Here is a brief overview of some of the courses on offer.  (Prices and admission policy might have changed post-Covid - but this still gives you a good idea of what's on offer).

Faber Academy 6-month Novel Writing Course  £4000

Number of places available - 30.

I took this course, and I loved it.  However, it is very expensive, and you are paying for lots of (rather lovely, admittedly!) bells and whistles.  Places are keenly contested with hundreds of applications for the limited handful of places. The application process includes submitting a piece of work for consideration.     If you are unsure that you want to commit to such a major financial outlay, or feel that your piece for submission could be improved, why not chat with me at one of our one-day workshops first? 

Birkbeck Creative Writing MA £3975  

Students are selected on the basis of an interview, a portfolio of writing plus a personal statement, and must have a good first degree 

City University of London - The Novel Studio £2,590 

This is another selective-process course offering tuition to 15 students.

Curtis Brown Six-Month Novel Writing Course  £2990

Number of places available - 15

I spent nearly a year working with one of the agents from Curtis Brown/Conville and Walsh during the process of getting my novel completed.  This is a well-respected course with good industry links.


These glamorous-sounding novel writing courses with their offers of industry contacts are all selection-based, with a limited intake of students.  They are commitment-intensive.  If you are considering applying for one of these, or something similar, but are nervous about the cost, commitment and selection process, then why not sign up for one of our one-day workshops - or even one of the residential courses  -  as a trial run.  It will give you a flavour of the work you will be undertaking, will help you polish your submission piece, and display a level of commitment that should help you in the submission process.

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